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King of The Terriers

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Puppies Available Now! Spring and Summer 2018.

Pictures below are of puppies that have been previously sold and are examples of the quality and type we produce.

Bailey Hart at the beach.

Matty and Zoie

Stephanie - 5 Months


Gentleman Skipper -
9 Months

On a personal note, we are a licensed hobby kennel in Louisiana. We have been proud owners of Airedales for some 28 years and have been breeding them for the past 24 years. We breed quality family dogs with great personalities, beautiful coats and the best health anyone could wish for.

All Sires and Dams are OFA Certified (Hips)

Sue and Gypsy - August 1997

Stephanie and Gadget

Sam Tiner



Our Airedale Puppies get the best care in food and health care / shots. They are lovingly raised and socialized. We screen our buyers carefully because the Airedale is not the dog for everyone, but we find that once you have owned one, most owners wouldn't have any other breed of dog.

Rizzi - 4 Months

Chester O' Dare - 15 Weeks

Pretty Poppy with first litter.

Snow Days

Our Airedales and pups have been non stop entertainment over the years. They have enriched our lives and caused my hair to gray but they have made each day worth living over. Those intense brown eyes look at me and say so much. They relay the vast love and caring that they have to give or the mischief that that are about to get into;  thus ....

"If It's not an Airedale, It's just a Dog!"

Sissy's nap time.

Alpha pups.

Susan English
(760) 949-9387

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